Here’s a video documenting our Division 1 hockey team taking on Holy Cross at Fenway Park this winter! The game took place over winter break and still drew in a crowd of about 4,000 people! Amazing night to cheer on the Falcons and also meet some Bentley Alumni!

Our Women’s Basketball team is currently 32-0, dominating the NE-10. This weekend, they fly out to Erie, PA, where they will be playing in the Elite 8.  The tournament kicks off on Tuesday night at 8pm. Through my work study at Bentley, I have been given the chance to travel out to Erie with other members of the Bentley Athletics Marketing staff, as well as other integral members of the Bentley community. During our time in Erie, we will be visiting a local elementary school for some community service events and raising Bentley pride in the area. Not only will we be attending the games, but also partaking in media coverage and conferences. This is an incredible opportunity for all of the women on the team, as well as the University. These women have worked so hard and truly deserve to keep progressing in the tournament. 

I think that this shows what Bentley has to offer besides an education to its students. The support and camaraderie of the campus speaks volumes for itself. Bentley finds opportunities for its students in everything it does, giving us the chance to develop further and prepare us for experiences we could face in post grad life.


          Finals week is always the most dreaded, stressful week of the semester at Bentley University, but honestly, where isn’t it? Being a transfer student and going through finals week at another college, I can proudly say that Bentley goes above and beyond to provide its students with study break options and activities. Here are some examples!

1. They bring in therapeutic dogs/puppies into the student center for us to play with 

2. Last spring they offered us massages!

3. Various teas and coffees are set up on a table in “Seasons” our dining hall

4. Different halls on campus provide the residents with pizza parties or bagel breakfasts

5. Breakfast by Moonlight (see my last post!!)

Professors are also beyond accommodating during this time, coming in on reading days and extending office hours for students looking for some last minute clarification or studying tips!

       Here are some tips that I’ve found useful during my time as a Bentley student:

1. Take advantage of your professors review/study sessions and office hours

2. Begin preparing even before reading days begin - no need for last minute cramming!

3. Reserve study rooms in the library days in advance (they fill up fast!), and try to study with classmates, usually they have picked up on things in class that you haven’t

4. Make time for yourself, whether you take advantage of the events Bentley is hosting, just going to the gym for a few hours, watch a quick TV show or relax with your roommates

5. Get your rest! All-nighters are overrated

          Last night, December 9th, the Bentley RHA organization held their 45th “Breakfast by Moonlight”, collaborating with the Bentley Ski and Snowboard Club this semester. Breakfast by Moonlight (BBM), is one of the most anticipated and popular events at Bentley and takes place the night before our reading days for finals. It serves as a kick off for exams, but also brings the students together to enjoy breakfast, listen to music and partake in raffles and games to spend a few hours away from their desks and the library.

         BBM kicks off at 10:00 pm, when students dressed in whichever theme is chosen for the semester, begin piling into the “Seasons” dining hall. This semester it was modeled after the “X Games”, which had no complainants due to the accumulating snow outside. Students who are dressed up pay $1 for entry, and the rebel non-themers pay $2. Students are served pancakes, french toast sticks, eggs, and the all time favorite, tater tots, by volunteer faculty members and students. The event runs until 1:00 am, and trust me, it is always packed until then! This year we had a student and some of his friends DJ, and the hockey team put on a shoot out with mini hockey sticks and nets to promote their upcoming games.

        The organizations were able to raise over $2,100, which was donated to the Philippines and provided a fun event for Bentley students to take a break from the books and meet up with friends, before buckling down for exams and heading home for the holidays!





         After two years at a small liberal arts school, I realized that it was no longer the institution that I wanted to graduate from. I began exploring the other schools I had looked at in my junior and senior year of high school, Bentley being one of them, and having long conversations with my parents about what I wanted to come of my future. The application process was extensive, especially while you are still trying to balance all of your other school work, but it was something I knew would pay off in the long run if I worked hard and applied myself.

        I chose Bentley not only because of the proximity to the city and to my hometown, but for the exceptional reputation and educational opportunities that are hard to find anywhere else. During my short time here, the connections I have made with students, faculty and professors have been irreplaceable. It’s hard to narrow down the long list of why I love Bentley, but if I had to, it would be the willingness to provide its students with any resources needed to thrive in whichever field they desire and desire for its students to surpass their goals and prosper.



          On Friday, November 8th, our Division I hockey team had its first home hockey game at the John A Ryan Arena. With the puck dropping at 7:05, the first shuttle was assigned to depart campus at 6:15. However, this year, with a new athletics marketing staff, more buses with more frequent loops were set into place. Flyers had been hung around campus, and e-mails had been sent out to the student body throughout the week to promote the game and encourage students to come out and support their fellow falcons. Free long sleeve t-shirts were even being given out to the first 200 students!

          With the incentive of free apparel, my friends and I headed over to the pick-up location a few minutes early, not thinking that t-shirts would actually draw that big of a crowd. WRONG. Three full buses later, we were lucky to have gotten seats! We arrived at the rink and the shirts were gone within minutes (don’t worry, I got one!) As the students filed in, some of them were handed big heads of the seniors on the team, and even some of the school President Gloria Larson! The “Falcon’s Nest” was packed with excited students and family members; the first time in my Bentley career I’ve ever seen a crowd that big. Although the game didn’t end the way we had hoped, it was so great to be a part of the event and witness the school spirit and pride that the Bentley community prides themselves on.